Introducing 'Rory' at MyPlasticHeart, NYCC 2016-☆

Long story short, I made a few adjustment to my old boy Satyr figure and named new one 'Rory.' Of course I love Satyr just as he is, however sometimes I find some of my ideas limited by his hair and his hooves and... so on. So I changed his head first.

I've called my Satyr 'Satyrory' which sounds 'sa-tee-raw-ree' in Korean, so I concluded Rory is just a good and proper name for new boy. I expect to be able to try more various themes and looks on Rory. I bet you are getting excited too. :P

Halloween and NYCC were chosen to be a perfect occasion to introduce new Rory. So the very first edition of Rory became Devil!

There are only 13 Devil Rory-s available at My Plastic Heart booth # 113 during NYCC 2016. 10 Red Devil Rory and only 3 Black Kitty Devil Rory will be waiting for new home. They are priced at 160 USD (red) and 180 USD (black) for each.

I will be also signing at My Plastic Heart booth on Sat, 8th Oct., 2~3 PM, so please come by and say hi! Hope to see many of you there!