I am the Official Finalist of DTA 2016!

YAY! HOORAY!! I don't think yay and hooray are enough. There must be some cool words locals use... Ha!

Yea, I am the finalist of Break-Through Artist of Designer Toy Awards 2016. Wow, I was at DTA ceremony last year for the fist time as a guest and only after a year I may have a chance to win the trophy?! Awesome! I feel so thankful, grateful and honored. Thanks to all the support and love for my baby Satyr. >_< But, you know what, I really want the trophy. Seriously. Lol I just want one, no matter whose it is. Lol I wish there's someone who's very kind to give me his or hers as a souvenir, or maybe I should make a trophy for myself. Hmm.

Please check DTA and vote for your favorite artists and toys. Even better you can come to the ceremony on 8th Oct. at Hudson Terrace NYC.