I am in the Custom Bedtime Bunnie Show!

It was only last year I helped installation of the first Custom Bedtime Bunnie Show at MyPlasticHeart in NY. At the time I was Mr. Peter Kato's apprentice and happy enough to be behind the scene. I only dreamed to become a good one and get a chance to be in group shows someday. Gratefully those days came quite earlier than I thought...♥

I am so honored for having my name among all those awesome artists. >_< Also I've wanted to do custom work on Bedtime Bunnie for myself, and this is beyond just doing as my hobby! Though it was little challenging, I could have so much fun to complete this my version of Bunnie! Below is her face close-up. She's a super big eyed (also starry) cutie. She's wearing a handmade pinafore in strawberries and pink. Hope you like her.

From June 11th to July 11th at Clutter Gallery, Bedtime Bunnies of many artists will meet us like dream. (FYI - the exhibition title 'Le Rêve du Lapin' means 'the dream of the rabbit.') Opening reception will be on June 11th 6 PM and I will absolutely be there. Please come to say hi to Buns!