[Ended] Pre-Order of Bunny Student

Hi! :D

I decided to open pre-order of Bunny Student Satyr since they are too cute not to make more. 

They are special Satyrs that I made only two for Rotta's group exhibition at Art Toy Culture in Korea, but I've gotten inquiries about these cuties a lot. I see that the bunny ears and sailor collars are powerful! Lol Hope you are happy about this news!

Here are things that I would like you to consider before. If you are ok with the following, please send me an email to place an order on May 6th at 8PM EST. I will take first 10 orders. Please make sure the email subject to be 'Bunny-your name' (e.g. Bunny-Seulgie)..

  1.  Production and shipping will start and be done in August. Probably towards the end of the month. So you may get Satyr in your hands at the very end of August or even in early September.
  2. Though I haven't designed every details yet, Summer Satyr this year may wear Sailor collar too. But not in navy, probably white. Oh, no bunny ears either.
  3. Colors and materials might not be exactly same as the ones sent to the exhibition in Korea. Especially the pink color, I want it to be slightly more vivid or darker. It is too pale. 
  4. The collar and the bunny ears are not detachable.

Alrighty- I guess that's it! They are priced at $150 for each. US domestic shipping is $4, and overseas shipping is $16. 

I wish you all good luck! ;) Thank you so much for your time-☆