Satyrs are in London for ToyCon UK 2016!

Can't believe I didn't post about ToyCon UK yet. @_@ Well, a couple of months ago, a cool toy store(I love their name!) in UK approached to me for special release at ToyCon UK this year and we worked out beautifully. Special cocoa Satyrs, which are limited to five, went to UK last month and tomorrow, April 9th they will be available at 'Collect and Display' booth. 

Since it's an occasion :D five Satyrs are fancied up, pink bows and pink Swarovski crystals. Oh, pink and blue were actually chosen to match the colorway of Peter Kato's Vinyl Bedtime Bunnies, exclusive for Collect and Display. 0_<

Those who are in London, please don't miss ToyCon UK and Collect and Display booth! I wish I could be there and snag some awesome exclusive toys~ (TㅅT) Aaahh~