Here are the spookiest, cutest Monsters!

Can't believe Halloween is next week! Also I can't believe I created these cute monsters for the spooky season!

I knew some of you were missing Satyr and wasn't enough enchanted by my little devils, Rory. :P Fortunately, gratefully Rory-s all found loving home in time and I brought out more for those who missed Satyr!

Here we have two different friends, Little ghost Satyr and Frankenstein's Creature Satyr. 

Little ghost is full body GID and it only gleams so weakly and faintly like a real ghost. He's wearing a tulle mesh scarf of three different colors which adds feelings of flowy, hazy, hard to catch. I myself love his eyes in very deep purple and blue. So stands out.

Frankenstein's Creature has GID upper body. It rarely glows in the dark though. Lol He has so many special features! You see the little bolts in his head, isn't it so creepy genius? Ha!

His suspenders are made of dark navy real leather and fastened with tiny nails. Did you know that even those nails are all handmade? Not by me, of course! And the scars and stripes are all hand-painted. It took quite some time, but worthy. I had so much fun.

Oh, yea, one more story. I was actually planning to make only the ghost, but Joohee Stickymonger threw me her doodle and like "wouldn't it be cute?" So this amazingly cute creature was born.

There are 6 Little ghosts and 6 Frankenstein's Creature. They will be up on my shop menu tonight at 9 PM EST. To be exact it's 22nd Oct. Sat. 9 PM EST. They are priced at 180 USD and 200 USD each. Shipping will be done on Mon or Tue. Sorry for late and rush. >ㅅ< And thanks!