NYCC and MyPlasticHeart Exclusive Satyrs

I will be releasing Satyrs at New York Comic Con for the first time! This limited run of hand-casted and handmade figure comes in a pastel pink and blue colorway and features a new ribbon and Swarovski crystal accessory specifically for NYCC 2015.

NYCC Satyr has the exact image that I had in mind ever since I created him. While I was sketching Satyr, I imagined a little creature of sugary pastel colors, especially soft blue, and some delicate sparkles and glitters around him. When the number was set to thirty, which is a lot more than previous runs, I thought this would be the perfect time to bring out THAT Satyr. FYI- I personally calls these sugary NYCC Satyrs French. ;)

NYCC Satyrs will be available exclusively at the MyPlasticHeart booth #113 during New York Comic Con 2015 while supplies last. Please come and say hi! I will be around on Friday, 9th Oct.