The Holidays are Here!!

It's been one thing after another. Good ones though. I doubted all 35 Rorys would find home quickly, so I thought I might have to skip winter holidays release this year. However, my solo show went so well, great actually, I changed my plan. :)

First, there will be a group show at Clutter Gallery this weekend, Dec 10th. I sent two to the gallery yesterday.

Here's some sneak peek.

Also I am preparing Xmas release now and trying to put them upon my webshop before 15th or at least before 19th. I heard 19th will be the deadline for Xmas on-time delivery.

So please stay tuned! And stay warm!!

My Solo Exhibition Happening at MyPlasticHeart on Dec 2nd!!

Gosh, I thought I wrote something here about my solo show. Oh my! It's only three, no, two days until my show starts.

Title is Starry Eyed, opening reception is at 7~10 PM, Dec 2nd at MyPlasticHeart in NYC. Please swing by and say hello if you are around.

There are 35 Rorys and also some small paintings displayed. Below is the one of them. 

myplasticheart is excited to present “Starry Eyed” featuring the work of Brooklyn artist and toy sculptor Seulgie. The exhibition will showcase various interpretations of her popular character Satyr, a whimsical faun-like creature that perfectly captures Seulgie’s fondness for cuteness. An assortment of hand-sculpted figures and original paintings and drawings will be on view.
Join us on Friday December 2nd from 7-10pm for the opening reception. The artist will be in attendance and refreshments will be served. Exhibition runs through December 30th 2016.
Starry Eyed
New Works by Seulgie
Opening reception Friday December 2nd 7-10PM
Exhibition runs through December 30th 2016
210 Forsyth St. NYC
Join our Preview List –
RSVP Here –

DesignerCon 2016 Satyr via MyPlasticHeart

Me myself cannot go to Pasadena, CA. There are lots of toys I want to buy there, I can't go. T0T Instead, I am sending two cuties there.

For no reason I did very floral theme for DCon. I really don't know why. Am I missing warm and soft weather? Well, I know it's not getting that chilly yet, but those red and brown falling leaves make me feel somewhat blue. So I did pink and flower! Ha!

I may have to say sorry. I could only make two. They will be available at MyPlasticHeart booth #414 while supplies last. Wish good luck for those who don't want to miss them. Also I hope I can make similar designs later in the future. These are too cute and I want to make more! 

Another Sneakpeek from Camilla D'Errico!

Camilla d'Errico's Custom Satyr!

Here are the spookiest, cutest Monsters!

Can't believe Halloween is next week! Also I can't believe I created these cute monsters for the spooky season!

I knew some of you were missing Satyr and wasn't enough enchanted by my little devils, Rory. :P Fortunately, gratefully Rory-s all found loving home in time and I brought out more for those who missed Satyr!

Here we have two different friends, Little ghost Satyr and Frankenstein's Creature Satyr. 

Little ghost is full body GID and it only gleams so weakly and faintly like a real ghost. He's wearing a tulle mesh scarf of three different colors which adds feelings of flowy, hazy, hard to catch. I myself love his eyes in very deep purple and blue. So stands out.

Frankenstein's Creature has GID upper body. It rarely glows in the dark though. Lol He has so many special features! You see the little bolts in his head, isn't it so creepy genius? Ha!

His suspenders are made of dark navy real leather and fastened with tiny nails. Did you know that even those nails are all handmade? Not by me, of course! And the scars and stripes are all hand-painted. It took quite some time, but worthy. I had so much fun.

Oh, yea, one more story. I was actually planning to make only the ghost, but Joohee Stickymonger threw me her doodle and like "wouldn't it be cute?" So this amazingly cute creature was born.

There are 6 Little ghosts and 6 Frankenstein's Creature. They will be up on my shop menu tonight at 9 PM EST. To be exact it's 22nd Oct. Sat. 9 PM EST. They are priced at 180 USD and 200 USD each. Shipping will be done on Mon or Tue. Sorry for late and rush. >ㅅ< And thanks!

Introducing 'Rory' at MyPlasticHeart, NYCC 2016-☆

Long story short, I made a few adjustment to my old boy Satyr figure and named new one 'Rory.' Of course I love Satyr just as he is, however sometimes I find some of my ideas limited by his hair and his hooves and... so on. So I changed his head first.

I've called my Satyr 'Satyrory' which sounds 'sa-tee-raw-ree' in Korean, so I concluded Rory is just a good and proper name for new boy. I expect to be able to try more various themes and looks on Rory. I bet you are getting excited too. :P

Halloween and NYCC were chosen to be a perfect occasion to introduce new Rory. So the very first edition of Rory became Devil!

There are only 13 Devil Rory-s available at My Plastic Heart booth # 113 during NYCC 2016. 10 Red Devil Rory and only 3 Black Kitty Devil Rory will be waiting for new home. They are priced at 160 USD (red) and 180 USD (black) for each.

I will be also signing at My Plastic Heart booth on Sat, 8th Oct., 2~3 PM, so please come by and say hi! Hope to see many of you there!



I am the Official Finalist of DTA 2016!

YAY! HOORAY!! I don't think yay and hooray are enough. There must be some cool words locals use... Ha!

Yea, I am the finalist of Break-Through Artist of Designer Toy Awards 2016. Wow, I was at DTA ceremony last year for the fist time as a guest and only after a year I may have a chance to win the trophy?! Awesome! I feel so thankful, grateful and honored. Thanks to all the support and love for my baby Satyr. >_< But, you know what, I really want the trophy. Seriously. Lol I just want one, no matter whose it is. Lol I wish there's someone who's very kind to give me his or hers as a souvenir, or maybe I should make a trophy for myself. Hmm.

Please check DTA and vote for your favorite artists and toys. Even better you can come to the ceremony on 8th Oct. at Hudson Terrace NYC.

Extra Kyoot Satyr goes to Kaleidoscope of Kyoot Show at Clutter Gallery

Thankfully, Clutter Gallery again invited me to their upcoming group exhibition, Kaleidoscope of Kyoot. I shipped out five especially dressed up Satyrs to the gallery today. Satyrs will be available online or at the opening of the show on Aug 13th 6 PM EST.

I will give you some hints about Kyoot Show Satyrs' look. They are summery, sweet, as always, candy-like, head to toe jelly. Also there's very special feature I won't mention here. Haha!

I will be at the reception. Hope to see you there! :)

Interview with Clutter Magazine

Hoooooray! Gratefully Clutter Magazine featured me and my work on their June issue, issue 38. Everything I have dreamed is really happening this year. Being featured on Clutter Magazine was one of them! Thanks, Clutter! \(^0^)/ 

You can read issue 38 HERE for free now!


I am in the Custom Bedtime Bunnie Show!

It was only last year I helped installation of the first Custom Bedtime Bunnie Show at MyPlasticHeart in NY. At the time I was Mr. Peter Kato's apprentice and happy enough to be behind the scene. I only dreamed to become a good one and get a chance to be in group shows someday. Gratefully those days came quite earlier than I thought...♥

I am so honored for having my name among all those awesome artists. >_< Also I've wanted to do custom work on Bedtime Bunnie for myself, and this is beyond just doing as my hobby! Though it was little challenging, I could have so much fun to complete this my version of Bunnie! Below is her face close-up. She's a super big eyed (also starry) cutie. She's wearing a handmade pinafore in strawberries and pink. Hope you like her.

From June 11th to July 11th at Clutter Gallery, Bedtime Bunnies of many artists will meet us like dream. (FYI - the exhibition title 'Le Rêve du Lapin' means 'the dream of the rabbit.') Opening reception will be on June 11th 6 PM and I will absolutely be there. Please come to say hi to Buns!

[Ended] Pre-Order of Bunny Student

Hi! :D

I decided to open pre-order of Bunny Student Satyr since they are too cute not to make more. 

They are special Satyrs that I made only two for Rotta's group exhibition at Art Toy Culture in Korea, but I've gotten inquiries about these cuties a lot. I see that the bunny ears and sailor collars are powerful! Lol Hope you are happy about this news!

Here are things that I would like you to consider before. If you are ok with the following, please send me an email to place an order on May 6th at 8PM EST. I will take first 10 orders. Please make sure the email subject to be 'Bunny-your name' (e.g. Bunny-Seulgie)..

  1.  Production and shipping will start and be done in August. Probably towards the end of the month. So you may get Satyr in your hands at the very end of August or even in early September.
  2. Though I haven't designed every details yet, Summer Satyr this year may wear Sailor collar too. But not in navy, probably white. Oh, no bunny ears either.
  3. Colors and materials might not be exactly same as the ones sent to the exhibition in Korea. Especially the pink color, I want it to be slightly more vivid or darker. It is too pale. 
  4. The collar and the bunny ears are not detachable.

Alrighty- I guess that's it! They are priced at $150 for each. US domestic shipping is $4, and overseas shipping is $16. 

I wish you all good luck! ;) Thank you so much for your time-☆ 

Satyrs are going to Art Toy Culture in Korea

It's been my dream to introduce my work at NY ComicCon and Art Toy Culture, Korea's biggest art toy and designer toy convention. Last year I had a chance to work with My Plastic Heart for NYCC, and finally this year Satyrs are going to Art Toy Culture too.

Two different themes of Satyr will be displayed at Rotta, the most famous photographer right now in Korea, his group exhibition and the art toy gallery and shop RIRI&DELI's booth. 

First is for Rotta exhibition. I made only two, inspired by his work 'Bunny Student.' 

You can find him on Instagram, @_rotta_ to check his original Bunny Student or you've already seen some of his work!

I may take pre-order of these cuties, very limited number, so please stay tuned! Will announce about pre-order on IG and on my Korean blog.


Second is for RIRI&DELI. There are five in calming tone of lavender and mint color combo.

These five feature little bows on tail and stars on thigh! Blush color! Unfortunately I can't make same lavender color anymore since those were made by accident!! :P


Hope many many people to see and adore and enjoy my Satyrs at Art Toy Culture! 

Satyrs at P!Q HelloKitty & 99 Friends Show

Gratefully Goro, Pika, Don Satyrs were gone in 20 minutes after the show opened. Yay! Even better the three brothers will go together! You might know that I secretly wished they didn't sell. I am so jealous the person who took them all. Lol

Here are some pics for who couldn't make it to the show. Please enjoy!

Satyrs are in London for ToyCon UK 2016!

Can't believe I didn't post about ToyCon UK yet. @_@ Well, a couple of months ago, a cool toy store(I love their name!) in UK approached to me for special release at ToyCon UK this year and we worked out beautifully. Special cocoa Satyrs, which are limited to five, went to UK last month and tomorrow, April 9th they will be available at 'Collect and Display' booth. 

Since it's an occasion :D five Satyrs are fancied up, pink bows and pink Swarovski crystals. Oh, pink and blue were actually chosen to match the colorway of Peter Kato's Vinyl Bedtime Bunnies, exclusive for Collect and Display. 0_<

Those who are in London, please don't miss ToyCon UK and Collect and Display booth! I wish I could be there and snag some awesome exclusive toys~ (TㅅT) Aaahh~ 


First Group Show!

This April, May and June will be huge to me. First of all, in April my Satyrs will be part of a big group show at PiQ GCT, Hello Kitty & 99 Friends Show.  

Total 100 of artists are invited to this show and I am honored to be one! Yay! I was so lucky that I could choose adorable three goblin brothers, Goro, Pika, and Don.

Cute, aren't they? And here are even cuter ones.


If you are in NY, please come to see these cuties! Best to the reception, or just come anytime before they are gone. ;)

First Signing!

I had a chance of signing on the release day of Spring Flowers Satyr at PiQ Grand Central Terminal location. It was so unreal to see my name on the board. @_@ Thanks to Sabina for giving me this chance. Also thanks to my teacher Peter Kato, and my sweet sister for the constant support. And love. Lol :)

Here Comes Spring!

Last winter was not long and harsh so I feel like the springtime is here all of sudden. It is already mid March though. :)

I am releasing Spring Flowers Satyrs at PiQ Grand Central Terminal on March 23rd 5 PM EST. Total of 15 are ready, five goes online and ten are for GCT store. They are priced at 100 USD.

I will be at the store from 5 to 6:30 PM for signing (Yay!!) and bringing three little capes for first-comers. Please please come!

Aren't they lovely and refreshing? ♡ Hope you all feel warm and green!